There is a lot of thought swirling around right now about the power of positive thinking.

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It would seem that everyone is looking for that easy answer to the only question that matters: what will make me happy?

For some people, the answer is simple and practical: more money, a better house, a cute dog name Charlie.

For others, the answer is elusive and complicated and, oftentimes, seemingly out of their hands.

"I'd be happy if my boss didn't treat me like sh*t, but I can't afford to leave my job."

"I'd be happy if I could travel more, but I don't have that kind of flexibility."

"I'd be happy if I could just break into my industry and do what I love 24/7."

Then, there are books claiming that if you simply think yourself happy, believe whole-heartedly that the best is coming to you, it will happen - like magic.

While we definitely believe in magic (again, we really love Harry Potter over here), you have to be utterly mad to believe you can sit on your ass, doing the same thing every day and the change of a lifetime will just come knocking on your door.

Too often people use the excuse of being exhausted or too strapped into their routine to write off their guilt from not taking action when they know they should.

We just want to say this: you will never achieve greatness by living in the mediocre.

Stop wasting your time at that job you despise because life is f*cking short. And if you are going to waste it - it's no wonder you're unhappy. You are not meant to sit back, let your fear of change take control, and then *not* pursue your dreams. That's silly!

You're supposed to have enough faith in yourself that you can do anything you darn well want in the service of your heart's greatest desire: to be happy.

So what if you're fifty years old and you want to be a dancer. DO IT. I bet you'd be AMAZING. So, you have three kids and you want to be a travel blogger. YOU CAN DO IT. There is always a way. There is always something you can do to get that much closer to your dream. Start simple and build up, bb!

Excuses feel awful because you KNOW that you are better than the lies you tell yourself.

Don't lie to yourself with nonsense, making vision boards and then not acting toward your dreams. Vision boards work by focusing your energy, reminding you every day to take steps further toward that thing or that life you want most. But you have to take the steps!

We are begging you guys, don't wait for 'someday'.

Someday is a lazy person's idea of right now.

So cut that sh*t out and make it happen, bucko.

And while you're at it, if you're an artist in the film industry, you can submit your info to info@fatchixfilms.com and we might feature you on this very blog!!!

We keep a database of actors and film professionals for future projects, so be sure to submit (it's free and we don't spam you or give your info out). You might see your lovely face on here in the near future!

Now, get back to work, dreamers. Can't wait to see all you can do. :)

Fat Love,


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