November 20, 2017

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May 28, 2017

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June 5, 2017

Hey guys!


Welcome back to Mental Health Mondays with FCF.


Science has linked creativity and depressive tendencies together for years. Below, we've curated the top five articles on human evolution, creativity, and the cycle of blues. 


1. The Link Between Depression and Creativity, and How It Can Be Good for You by Tanner Christensen

Sum It Up for Me:

Rumination might have been the key to our survival. It might also be the reason you can't stop thinking about that mistake you made in front of the class when you were in fifth grade. Christensen elegantly connects major depressive disorders to man kind's ability to learn from past mistakes that may have caused pain and suffering. 

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2. A Little Weird? Prone to Depression? Blame Your Creative Brain by Susan Biali, M.D.

Sum It Up for Me: 

"When I was 28, I almost had a total breakdown. This was largely because my gifts for writing and dancing had been relentlessly ignored and squashed for decades by a well-meaning but treacherous educational and social system. It almost killed me." 'Nuff said.

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3. Scientist Link Depression and Anxiety to High Creativity by Robin Reisch

Sum It Up for Me:

Creative individuals are naturally rebellious. Highly empathetic but simultaneously skeptical, they can neither view any situation in simple black and white terms, nor blindly accept things as they are. Creatives live in a more "fluid and nebulous world" than their less creative counterparts. The stark difference between their complex view of the world and that of their peers can leave artists with feelings of isolation and depression.

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4. Creatives Make a Stand Against Depression by Jason Hudson

Sum It Up for Me:

Internalizing anxiety over projects, being labeled selfish for agonizing over the almost certain bout of rejection one will receive for one's work, letting relationships suffer because of the obsessive nature of an artist's inner perfectionist. All of this is part of the creative's struggle. This article is a really beautiful look inside the mind of Fstopper's Jason Hood, and a great examination of Creatives Aga;nst Depression.

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5. Creativity and Depression by Douglas Eby

Sum It Up for Me:

To claim that depression in creatives is simply part of the stereotypical 'mad genius' problem is harmful and an over simplification of the underlying causes. Repressed creative expression is often the root cause and presents in multiple unhealthy fashions, including damaging relationships and addictive behaviors.

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