Many of you guys are already familiar with the stunning actress best known for her role as Leanne from OITNB.

BUT did you know that she's also a model hiding in plain sight? Because we found out and captured the goddess on one of her days off.


In real life, Emma Myles has some of the best style in the game. Part rock 'n roll, part angelic alien from Planet QUEEN, Emma often styles herself both on the red carpet and for "husbandless" trips to local coffee spots in her 'hood. #thanks1950sweirdos

The actress may have gotten her "big break" on OITNB, but Emma is a superstar in the making. With versatility, sass, and a smile that'll warm your heart, Ms. Myles is the perfect juxtaposition of sweet and salty.

You can check out more looks from our amazing day with the goddess below.


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