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What is a woman?

What makes a woman tick?

What makes her scream and moan and lick?

Why does she smile when she ought to cry?

We're left wondering just how and why.

What is a woman without a man?

What is girl but a reprimand?

Too thin, too fat.

Too light, too dark.

Too much too soon,

Her truth too stark.

What is a woman when the curtains are drawn?

When the lights are out, but it's almost dawn?

What is a woman outside the norm?

Inside her skin, soft and warm?

Is she covered in blankets of her own design?

Is she drifting throughout our subconscious minds?

A woman is a beast made of silk and string.

A majestic animal and a lonely thing.

A woman is a creature of shadow and light,

Of creation itself and harrowing night.

A woman is everything and all at once,

The howling wind and the changing months.

A woman is cycles of love and desire,

Of lust and strength and raging fire.

But a woman is too complex to be named.

She may be depicted, but she'll never be tamed.

And God help the fool should she ever feel shamed,

For women are warriors with varying manes.

For women.

Fat Love. FatChix.

*Special thanks to the incredible Kaitlin for modeling with us and to Emilia for her impeccable talent. Poem by Julia Trinidad.

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