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You guys are in for such a treat.

We have a very special lady on the docket today. A young, bright, superstar named Charlotte Purser has agreed to give us a little info about her deliciously productive life as a multi-hyphenate badass!

Hiya, Charlotte!! Tell our lovely readers a little about yourself, what you do, all that jazz.

Name: Charlotte Purser

Stuff I do: Actor. Filmmaker. Photographer. Coach.


My production company is ThisThistle Media. More info can be found at

Coaching info can be found at

My photography portfolio can be found here:

Where are you currently based and what brought you here?

I live in Long Island City, Queens, where I have lived for 17 years. I moved to New York City in 2000 to be an actor.

What's your favorite neighborhood in the city?

That's hard to say....It may actually depend on the time of day. My favorite daytime neighborhood is the West Village. I love seeing colonial buildings next to pre-war etc. I love looking at the streets and imagining who lived there once and what it was like when you could only hear horses and no cars.

But, if I am out late night/ early morning (a rare occurrence these days) I love sixth avenue in the 40's. The wide, flat, expansive sidewalks are almost completely empty so late at night- devoid of the usual hustle and traffic. The streets have long moments of pure silence as the tourists have long gone to bed and the street traffic is sparse. The buildings slide up toward the sky in just such a way that if you didn't know better, you would think you were in some weird futuristic valley. It has always captured my imagination. And in the midst of all that you can pass a fabulous Art-Deco lobby here or there as you go. It's really pretty brilliant.

That sounds absolutely gorgeous. And I have always wanted a glimpse of futuristic valleys, so I will definitely pay a visit to midtown west at night.

At this point, I would say that could very easily have been an architect, but what is your background? I know you studied abroad, right?

I have a Master of Arts in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have also studied with the Moscow Art Theatre School in Boston and RADA in London. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Texas at Austin.

Beyond that, I am a backpacking traveler at heart who grew up in Texas. My favorite thing to do is travel on the cheap and see new places and meet local people and hear their stories.

How did your artistic and cultural background bring you to your current calling in the world?

My love of stories and people led me to being an actor. My passion for the art and practice of acting led me to create opportunities for myself and that, in turn, bred in me the love of creation in all its forms- be it writing, directing, editing, acting, coaching actors, or taking pictures.

In addition to my own creative work, I freelance as a director, producer, editor, and writer. I recently wrapped a job as first assistant director for season 2 of a brilliantly funny webseries, called Merce. I relish the opportunity to be the